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Local Assembled Fogging Machines

Lahore, Pakistan
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    2 Jan 2013
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What a fogger machine is & how does it work:   Water based fog machines are the most commonly available types for both consumer use and commercial applications, and while there are many manufacturers of fog machines, and while there can be great differences in the design and quality of the components used by fog machine manufacturers, there operation is quite simple and almost always the same. The fog fluid in the fluid tank is forced through a heat exchanger by a high pressure pump. The heat exchanger maintains a high temperature at which the fluid vaporizes in a process commonly known as "flashing". As the fluid is "flashed" it rapidly expands, and that expansion forces the vapor through the nozzle of the machine. When the vapor mixes with cooler air outside the fog machine, it instantly forms an opaque aerosol we see as fog. That's basically how most fog machines work. Below are more specific details of how the main components of a fog machine work. The Engine - In a fog machine, the engine has the very initial role. There are four specifics functions of the engine; the very first is that it makes the equipment portable and easy to use in remote areas, then the transfer of the fluid directly (into the heat exchanger or the carburetor), vaporization of the solution and the last pumping the fog out of the equipment.        The Pump - In a fog machine, the pump plays the critical role of delivering fog fluid from the fluid tank to the heat exchanger. The most commonly used pump is a piston pump, and is carefully matched to the design of the heat exchanger. If a pump delivers fluid too quickly, the heater will turn off relatively quickly since too much fluid is moving through the metal block. This results in the machine shutting down to re-heat in a shorter time. The piston pump is the source for most of the noise generated by a fog machine. The Heat Exchanger - Heat exchangers vary widely in design, materials, wattage and quality. A well engineered fog machine have take into account all these factors for optimum fog output and safety. Essentially, the heat exchanger is a block of metal, usually aluminum, with a heating element built into it to heat the metal block. The temperature of the block is regulated by a thermostat. A channel inside the metal block allows the fluid to travel through it to the nozzle. The wattage used to heat the exchanger is the specification most manufacturers use to describe how powerful their fog machines are. Application of a fogging machine: 1.     Sanitation and Epidemic prevention for both indoors and outdoors. 2.     Insects killing for plants. 3.     health and disease prevention, disinfection and the occasion requested spraying mist 4.     it especially suitable for agriculture, forest and fruit magnet area of pest and disease control;hour hazard control. Types and Models Electrotech Engineering make: DI Fogger. Direct injection of the solution in the carburetor IHE Fogger. Injection of the solution in the heat exchanger   ETE FOG 1x1.5 1 HP engine. 1.0L Fuel Tank 1.5L Solution tank RS 45,000 ETE FOG 1.5x3 1.5HP Engine 1.5L Fuel Tank 3.0L Solution Tank RS; 60,000 Other models can be also made on request. High power and high run time can also be given. Warranties are also provided for the equipment on the basis of fair use...       Electrotech Engineering Co. 25 Zainab Park, 8Km Multan Road, Lahore 03214428862 Electrotechengg@gmail.comViews: 859